2019 Vendors, Readers, and Practitioners

Akasha's Journey (sponsor)*

The HEART of healing in the Hudson and Harlem Valleys.

Located in Dover Plains, New York, but serving the Hudson Valley since 2008.  They carry crystals, herbal remedies, teas, loose herbs, essential oils, books, divination decks, candles, hand crafted bath & body care, and hand-crafted jewelry.  They also offer sessions and classes in Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Crystal Healing, RunValdr, Tuning Fork Therapy, psychic readings, aura photography, and guest readers and mediums.  Akasha's Journey also added a Yoga studio in November, 2018.  Akasha's Journey has been vending with us since we began in 2016.

Find Maryalyce at the Holistic Chamber of Commerce booth.

Ahlpha Ministries

Bioenergetic scanning, TKM touch therapy, Water System, EMF, supplements, weight loss, CBD, massage bef for TKM.

Vending 2/24/19

Arbonne by Stephanie Padro

Clean, vegan, gluten free skin care and nutritional products

Vending 4/7/19,  9/15, 12/8


Bathfitter is a local, one-day installation bathroom remodeling company.

Vending 4/7, 9/15/19, 12/8/19

Black Cat Candles

Soy candles in a variety of scents and containers, and wax melts.

Vending 9/15/19, 12/8/19

Blue Violet Peony

Crystals, sage

Vending 4/7/19

Crystals 2 Lavender

Healing crystals, chakra sets, gemstone bracelets and pendants, lavender sachets, sage, palo santo.

Vending 2/24, 4/7, 9/17, 12/8

Earth Treasures (sponsor)

Dreamcatchers,smudge feathers, smudge kits, incense, sage, palo santo, gemstone jewelry, tumbled stones, pendulums, shell jewelry, beaded scarves, resins, lavender spray.  Vending with us since 2016.

Michelle Lorenzo will also be offering bone readings.

Email us to pre-book an appointment if you want to secure a certain time

Vending 2/24, 4/7, 9/15, 12/8

Reading 2/24, 4/7, 9/15, 12/8

Empowered By Nature*

Lorraine Hughes offers herbal teas, infused herbal honey, cough syrup, elderberry syrup, aromamisters, essential oil roll-on blends, salves, seasonal Chinese herbals, cook book.  Also offering Reflexology sessions.

Accepting pre-booked reflexology appointments via email to

Vending 2/24, 9/15, 12/8

Presenting Qi Gong Class 2/24, 9/15, 12/8

Essential Modern Mama

Jenn Picone is a doTERRA Welness Advocate.  She carries doTERRA essential oils, diffusers, and diffuser jewelry.

Vending 2/24/19

Foresight (sponsor)

The Knowledge you Need for the Adventure of Your Life

Catherine Kane ans her husband, Starwolf comprise the team of psychic readers that is known as Foresight.  Catherine is the author of several books including, "Adventures in Palmistry", "The Practical Empath:  Surviving and thriving as a Psychic Empath", "The Lands that Lie Between, an Urban Fantasy with Morgan and Sam", and "Manifesting Something Better:  Easy, Quick, and Fun Ways to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams".  Catherine offers palmistry, I-Ching, Pendulum Dowsing, Psychic Reading, and Reiki.  Starwolf offers Psychic Tarot Readings, Rune Readings, and Reiki.  Foresight has been vending with us since 2017.

Email us to pre-book an appointment if you'd like to secure a certain time

Vending/Reading Dates:  2/24, 4/7, 9/15, 12/8

Presenting dates:  2/24, 4/7, 9/15, 12/8

Grateful Daze Boutique

Various healing stones loose and in jewelry, gemstones, abalone shells, tie-dye bags, singing bowls, resin & glower pendants, hand-painted candles, lava stones bracelets, runes, pendulums. 

Vending 2/24, 4/7, 9/15, 12/8


Shamanic products, feng shui items, figures, EMF protection, scalar energy pendants

Vending 2/24/19, 12/8/19

Holistic Chamber of Commerce Poughkeepsie Chapter (sponsor)*

Mind -Body - Spirit - Business - Budget - Planet

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce is an international organization that supports holistic businesses and holistic minded professionals as well as mainstream organizations that offer products and services to holistic professionals.  The Poughkeepsie Chapter meets monthly on the second Tuesday at Asian Temptation on Route 44 in Poughkeepsie.  They also host additional events like Holistic Happy Hours and lectures throughout the Hudson Valley

Vending all market dates

Honey Trouble

Caffeinated body care, CBD Body Care, & merchandise.

Vending 4/7, 9/17, 12/8

Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils

Local, delicious cold pressed sunflower oil, sunflower truffle oil, raspberry balsamic vinegar, sunflower flour, gluten free brownie mix, skin care, gift baskets, popcorn, and baked goodies.

Vending 2/24, 4/7

Janice's Jewelry (sponsor)

A large selection of beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry using swarovski, Czech glass, and semi-precious stones.  They craft an array of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, diffuser jewelry, including pieces for children.  Custom orders happily accepted.

Vending with us since 2016.

Vending 2/24, 12/8


JJ Jewelry Design

Genuine gemstone jewelry hand made with the spiritual meanings of the stone in mind.  Each piece is accompanied by a romance card outlining the meaning of the stones used to create the piece.  

Vending 2/4, 4/7, 9/17, 12/8

Mama's Sweet Scrubs

Natural homemade body & skincare products including face cream, body butter, bath bombs, lotion bars, body scrubs, lip balms, anti-aging products.

Vending 2/24/19

Metaphysically and Naturally Yours (sponsor)*

Willow Diana offers Young Living essential oils, Tarot Readings, healing henna, Reiki, and Tuning Fork sound healing.  Email us to pre-book an appointment if you'd like to secure a certain time

Vending with us since 2016

Vending 2/24, 4/7, 9/15, 12/8

Reading 2/24, 4/7, 9/15, 12/8

Presenting 2/24, 4/7, 9/15, 12/8

Nubibinu Soap

Natural hand-crafted herbal soaps

Vending 4/7/19

Other Worldly Waxes and Whatever (sponsor)

Hand crafted magick candles, ritual oil, and incense.

Vending with us since 2016

Vending 2/24, 4/7, 9/15, 12/8

Salem's Moon, Inc.

Hand blended oils, shea butters, sprays, incense, burners, diffusers, candles

Vending 2/24/19, 4/7/19

Sensitive Earth Healing Arts

Locally made herbal oils, tinctures, & vibrational remedies.  Plants are locally grown and/or wildcrafted.

Vending 4/7, 9/17, 12/8

Simpli by Simmi

Hand-crafted botanical creams made with 100% natural and organic ingredients and essential oils.  All creams are 100% Vegan and Non-GMO.  Their products are gluten, paraben, chemical, and cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

Vending 2/24/19, 4/7/19

Sixth Sense Energy Imaging

Offering aura photography, energy imaging, and consultations

Vending 2/24/19

Trove Organics

Holistic self-care, bath and body products, bath bombs, milk bath salts, lotion bars

Vending 2/24, 4/7, 12/8

Vena Rico Designs

Hand made crystal jewelry and magickal items.

Vending  4/7/19

Young Living With Willow Diana (sponsor)

(see Metaphysically and Naturally Yours)

Zen Spiritz (sponsor)

Incense and burners, smudging supplies, dream catchers, wind chimes, magic wands, crystal balls, buddhas, worry dolls and stones, semi-precious stones, Himalayan salt lamps, selenite lamps, tea lights, and more

Vending with us since 2017

Vending 2/24, 4/7, 9/15, 12/8

Zija International (sponsor)*

Nutritional supplements, Gen M skincare, Ripestix Fitness supplements, Ameo essential oils, & CBD products

Vending 2/24, 4/7, 9/15, 12/8

*Holistic Chamber of Commerce Members

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