Psychic Fair & Mystic Holistic Market


Saturday April 18, 2020

2pm - 6pm

Comfort Suites Hotel & Banquets

835 Route 52

Fishkill, NY 12524

Our Newest Event Offering!

 Join us for a Psychic Fair, Mystic Market, & Mediumship Gallery hosted by the Hudson Valley Holistic Market.  Our event welcomes the best readers,psychics, mediums, and mystic vendors in the area.   


Akasha's Journey

Earth Treasures Gifts

Michelle Lorenzo, MA, LMT

Other Worldly Waxes

Sensitive Earth Healing Arts

Readers to Include

Catherine Kane

Dragonfly Intuitive Tarot
Michelle Lorenzo
Willow Diana 

Schedule of Classes

2:00-3:00 Learn how to Read the Aura with Michelle Lorenzo
3:15-4:15  Core Divination with Catherine Kane
4:30-5:30 Introduction to Dowsing with Starwolf

Mystic Market Classes


Learn How to Read the Aura - Michelle Lorenzo

 Would you like to understand and actually see the human aura? Well, you can! Take this class and learn what an aura is, an easy technique to practice seeing the aura, discuss color meanings, and some tips on what to look for in the aura to gain useful information from the condition of the energy field. Bring with you an open mind, a willingness to participate, and a desire to have fun with the process.  See you there! 

Michelle has a deep commitment to using her psychic ability and education in psychology, massage therapy, Reiki, hypnosis, and genealogy to assist herself and others on their path of personal growth and well-being.


Core Divination - Catherine Kane

 All methods of divination are skills designed to help us use our natural psychic abilities. In this class, we'll take a look at the truths that lie at the heart of all of these skills, learn about some new and different methods of divination (including one using your T.V. remote!) and see how to create new ways of doing psychic readings that are accurate, personal and unique. 


Catherine Kane is a professional psychic, an indie author, a Reiki Master, a bard, a metaphysical Christian, and  a delighted student of the Universe (amongst other things). She uses Palmistry, the I-Ching, dowsing, intuitive reading, and an assortment of other techniques. She brings creativity, an eclectic body of knowledge, and an attitude of fun to empowering people to find and live their best and brightest dreams. Her writing has been seen in publications such as Thorn, the Door Opener, and Helix; and she's the author of “Adventures in Palmistry”,  “The Practical Empath”, “Manifesting Something Better“, “The Lands That Lie Between“, “Magic for Pennies“, and “The Psychic Power of Your Dreams“.   Visit her and husband Starwolf online as Foresight (the Information you need for the Adventure of Life) at and


Introduction to Dowsing - Starwolf

Using L-rods and pendulums


Starwolf - Shaman, Witch, Rune Master, professional Psychic. Starwolf (Sean Kane) possesses a store of knowledge both esoteric and esoteric accumulated from 45 years of study and practice. He and his wife Catherine Kane comprise Foresight Your Psychic, and are based out of Connecticut. They can be found at many events throughout the Northeast. 

Starwolf (Sean Kane) has been a student and practitioners of Shamanism for 40 years. Trained in Core Shamanism, Bon (a Nepalese/Tibetan shamanic tradition) and currently learning Sieth (a Norse form), as well as trying to master spinning. Starwolf has a vast store of knowledge gleaned from such teachers as , John Parnell Haloma (Cross Lizard), Dr. Michael Garner, Sandra Ingerman, Dr. Larry Peters, as well as others.